Monday, April 04, 2011

A stock I really like: MAKO.

As a day trader, MAKO offers very little so I own it in my long term/swing trade account. Here is what I like about this stock:

1) The chart. The thing is strong, just goes up.
2) Difficult to buy. I keep buying little chunks and it just flies up, I have never been able to get the size that I want in this thing. A really good sign.
3) Short interest. I guess this company is still new and is still losing money and people are betting it is over valued. It probably is over valued, and thats ok with me.
4) The story. They make surgical robots for knee and hip replacement. I like technology and their procedure might just prove to be the de facto baby boomer surgery. They are also rapidly approaching break even and this would really be a turning point for this company.
5) Bull Market. It is a good time to own market leaders and strong stocks. This bull market could last a long time. Turn off the news, just look at the indexes. When you have a huge earthquake/tsunami/nuke problem in a major market and a new war start and the market rapidly gets back to highs, its a bull market.

I have been tempted to sell some of the MLPs I bought during the crash and park the money in this guy, but for now my position is limited to 1500 shares.



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